‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ – Film #Review by Elegant Hippy – plus trailer

I was invited to the Vue Cinema – Leamington Spa to watch ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’.

I’d read mixed reviews (mostly good). Nonetheless, I tend to override viewpoint, as many critics seem to compete with who delivers the most ‘seathingly’ presented negative. Some of the best films I’ve viewed, slip by unnoticed or don’t get the credit they deserve? Instead, we are often manipulated by ‘mainstream’ agenda. Often being money. It does annoy me. In saying that, this movie has already netted a massive $166 million dollars, just a few weeks into initial release.

Bridget Jones’s Baby’ is a delight. Renee Zellweger fits the character with consistent sentiment in this sequel, to the previous two movies – an idea and book by British author Helen Fielding, who first wrote ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary.’

The film tells the quirky tale of a 43-year-old, who deems herself ‘spinster’ before going to a hippy festival, then having an impromptu, passionate fling with a random ‘stunner’ played by ‘Patrick Dempsey.’

Things become complicated when Bridget discovers she’s pregnant after a reunion with former flame ‘Mark Darcy’. Follows a quirky yet hugely romantic tale of two potential fathers competing for the sole role of daddy and partner.

A guest appearance by Ed Sheeran (as himself), tickled me, where Bridget’s work colleague seduces Ed to join her in a giant ball as they gallop through festival muck together. Also, Emma Thompson plays Bridget’s personal doctor, where her stern character becomes more so endearing as the film develops.


I do find that if a movie lacks a consistency of intrigue, my mind wanders, however ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ seamlessly bounced along. I found myself crying, laughing then hoping ‘Mark Darcy’ would conquer the situation. Many emotions throughout – a gorgeous little journey.  A romantic comedy full of wit and charm. I sincerely could have watched it on replay. (I’ll be getting the DVD when it’s out.)

Loved the props. Bridget’s little flat is much like my home in Leeds. The ‘think out loud’ scripting is just so relatable to so many of us women. A light-hearted film, yet truly inspiring for singletons of all gender, as Bridget’s joined by her usual bunch of mixed funkies, who know how to party!

An American/British movie to escape with heart flutters, romantic sighs, and London ambiance. I do think ‘Dolby Sound’ accentuates the movie experience. You sort of imagine you are there, as a fly on the wall. The soundtrack was fab too! 

Thoughtful, sweet, the perfect bit of escapism.

For Elegant Hippy by Tiffany Harper


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