A Street Cat Named Bob – When a cat comes to help. It really happens #Review

I’ve just watched A Street Cat Named Bob at the cinema – my heart broke. There was a girl sitting next to me who I’ve never met before whose heart broke too. We’re going to keep in touch. She’s read the book and said it was even better than the movie.


Firstly ‘Bob’ looks like my ‘Tiger’ a rescue kitten. He’d been thrown up a wall and the vet said he wouldn’t survive and to consider having him put to sleep. That just wasn’t an option – he was so young, I wanted him to have a chance to fight. He’s now 7. 

I fed him Weetabix from the back of my fingernail and eventually he got better. He won’t leave me alone when I’m at my son’s house (Tiger’s home).


James Bowen superbly played by Luke Treadaway – portrays a recovering heroin addict, whose social worker sees a quality in him that she fought for. Homeless James was offered a council flat to start his recovery in a safer haven.

Bob the cat came to James through the window. James assuming Bob had a home, tried to find his owners but … Bob returned. A bond formed – then, one day when James got the bus to go to his busking stop ‘Bob’ got on it too. The bus conductor gave James a shoelace so that he didn’t lose him on the busy streets of London.  From that moment, Bob surfed on James’ shoulders and they went everywhere together.

James addiction started to improve and by this time he was selling The Big Issue.


Magazine sales were very good, due to the public’s love for ‘Bob’.  People adhering to the relationship between a homeless man and his devoted moggy.

A few twists and turns in the movie and a stunning love story (I won’t spoil it …) James is ready to stop taking methadone that helped his addiction to heroin. Subsequently, James had severe withdrawal symptoms. Bob the cat sat by his master and best friend’s side, throughout this tough journey. James’ love for Bob keeps him going during this courageous transition.

Later in the movie James builds bridges with his Father- who admits he was ashamed of his son. This story is true and so comparable to many suffering with addiction in the family.

A Street Cat Named Bob shows how important our relationship is with animals. How often, they find us – that they come for a reason. Equally important, how tough it is for the homeless and how us as a society – need to learn about heroin addiction and the battle to get off it. Anyone who is a recovering addict has gained ‘further’ respect from me. And those who are addicts should try to see this movie.

I’d rate A Street Cat Named Bob an easy 10 out of 10. It’s changed my entire perspective. I thought the cast were exceptional. With special kudos to Luke Treadaway who embraced the character with full commitment – delivering the message of a love and hope derived from destitution and despair.

James and Bob have gone on to raise awareness for not only the homeless but also animal rescue. True heroes. A beautiful movie. Please go and see it.

Elegant Hippy by Tiffany Harper.


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