Boston Tea Party – Independent – Ethical – Sustainable Cafes’ in the UK! #Review and #Video

I was invited to Harborne in Birmingham to visit Boston Tea Party, a collective of modern, ethical cafes’ in the UK. I loved it! Right up my street for so many reasons.

Adored the upcycled furniture, fine detail to colour not to mention the outdoor space that was radically bohemian. There was a buzz of eclectic people all in one space, clustered around tables, able to enjoy the ambience, as the service was nothing to complain about.

Order and pay at the counter. The food and beverages are delivered to the table. A fuss free service. Excellent menu with a choice of vegetarian, vegan or healthy meat eating options.

I went for a traditional vegetarian breakfast. Roasted new potatoes, mushrooms,  baked beans, roasted tomatoes,  scrambled egg, toast. My cousin had the ‘Sweetcorn Hash’ …WOW! Halloumi, poached eggs,  avocado & tomato salsa. My next choice.

There’s a water bar with glasses to help yourself. Crayons and picture cards for children and … wait for this … dogs are allowed too.

Boston Tea Party – an independent café chain in the UK. Look them up to see if there’s one near you and let us know how liked it.



Tiffany Belle Harper for Elegant Hippy UK