The Magical Bear – True #ShortStory by Tiffany Belle Harper

It was just before Christmas a couple of years ago, I felt somewhat alone. I’d not long moved to a new home. A back to back terrace in a cosy Leeds suburb – eclectic mix of neighbours.

To one side two women, previously pub landlords. Sadly, they hadn’t adjusted to a time schedule or tweaked their drinking habits. Early hours of most days they’d arrive home by taxi – shouting at the top of their voices. Nobody dared say a word. Believe me, they were not to reckon with.

I guessed the best way for me to get used to the new routine was to nap in the afternoon – thus, making way for the rumpus throughout the night.

On one occasion I thought she’d come through my front door. Our entrances are inches apart. Kath had been locked out by Kate (or so she thought.) In actual fact Kate, hadn’t got home either so Kath assuming she’d been intentionally locked out repeatedly ricocheted her full body weight at the door combined with booting the glass window. I sincerely believed my house was in danger of crumbling. Fortunately, neither gave way.

Kath arrived home at around 7am bemused. After a few angry words, they spent all morning with an array of very noisy sex toys covering a highly-strung sex session in their lounge and kitchen. There’s was no escaping it. It was at this point I felt lonely. I’d no one to discuss this major incident with, furthermore it dawned on me I’d not made love in ages. Not even hugged, cuddled. Within 12 hours my neighbours had covered every emotion that my life ‘then’ was void of.

Not that I wanted a volatile, booze fuelled relationship. I knew ‘really’ I was better off alone than victim of door bashing and hysterical screams, a daily turmoil of passion and insanity. Nonetheless, we all need a bit of action. I suppose it’s all about balance.

Later that day I sat in the window with a coffee. I noticed something blowing up the street. It was terribly windy. Even some of the wheelie bins were shifting. The object looked like some kind of fluffy toy. Assuming it had come from someone’s waste, I did nothing. A while later my son dropped by telling me he’d seen a huge teddy bear blowing down the street. I mentioned I’d noticed it too.

The following day, whilst faffing around in the kitchen, a knock on the door. I was hesitant, it could be my neighbours. I thought they may apologise for the night before? A littler nervous I open the door to find a youngish guy. Attractive, long hair, blue eyes. Scruffy, goth, unshaven, clutching a teddy bear that was caked in mud.

‘Is this yours?’ He asked.

‘No,’ I replied. But I’ll take him, he’s a keeper.’

Grabbing the bear from his arms, I smiled.

‘I found it by your bin and wondered whether you had a child that could have dropped it,’ he responded, blushing ever so slightly.

‘No, but I had my eye on him yesterday.’

He looked a little bemused, I thanked him, then shut the door.

I affectionately named the bear ‘Road-Kill.’

I put him through the wash, he came up a treat and I’ve even got him a Trilby. He’s real dapper. Like me – bit of a misfit. Un-adopted – unloved, but now he had a home for life.

Some months later I decided to go on a Reiki Master course in Doncaster. I’ve friends there, they’re witch like characters, such as myself. There’s always courses and get together’s going on.  The passage covered two days.

Jackie, the lady hosting the training entered the room with a teddy bear. Each chakra she’s sown a button in a different colour. Telling us this was the best way to explain where the points of Reiki are. This compelled me to tell the group the story of ‘Road-Kill.’ To the joy of the others came their bear stories and it transpired we’d all got a favourite teddy.

Jackie suggested bringing our fluffy companions the following day to practice our Reiki on. Subsequently Road-Kill was thoughtfully renamed by one of the girls in the group ‘Reiki-Bear.’ He is now attuned to Reiki 3 and in terms of energy is a Reiki Master. Who’d of though a bout of loneliness and wishful thinking could have got me a bear of such high divination. Magic comes in the most unlikely of places.

Often in life things come to us for a reason. Some believe everything is relative. I am divided. My spirituality has taught me we can also drive the wrong towards us. I’ve had some terrible relationships and resentment toward me, then questioned why this should happen? It was not a lesson, not meant to be. I’d simply made the wrong choices. But then, I struggle to understand how people could ‘plod’ in boredom just for the sake of it? It has to be right. You just know.

There is a big difference between following our heart and doing what is right. It’s true only fools rush in where Angels fear to tread. I’ve also made huge mistakes under the influence of alcohol – as do my neighbours too many times to mention.

So one day a Reiki-Bear appeared on my doorstep. I assumed the wind had taken him back up the street. To this day, when I feel blue, I get Reiki-Bear and put him on the sofa with me. He’s got his own story. He’s nomadic, a survivor who defied the upcycle process. He found love!

There’s been many incidents throughout my life where a piece of artefact has found its way to me. Always walk with your eyes open. You never know what you’ll find if you slow down.

There’s much myth about white feathers being lucky or picking up a penny and making a wish. Whether you believe or not it’s the taking part that’s fun. But never look – for it will find you organically. That’s how magic works.


Tiffany Belle Harper.


6 thoughts on “The Magical Bear – True #ShortStory by Tiffany Belle Harper

  1. He is an absolute delight! He looks very dapper indeed in his trilby and nonchalant expression. I am glad he found you. My mum is also a Reiki Master. There are always so many elements of your posts that really resonate with me. Big hugs!

    1. Gosh we are so connected. Am hiding over here. Sick of all the mainstream ego. Been thinking about you today. Stay close as going to add a few of my short stories. It is good to be open isn’t it. I Love you LUCY !!

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