Saying Goodbye to my friend #Foley

I’ve been very lucky to have Foley in my life for over 21 years and it is with a heavy heart I am slowly letting him go. I won’ let him suffer.

He had itchy skin so I bathed him in a dog medicated shampoo and the irritation got worse. I took him to the vets, they prescribed steroid tablets. Until last year when he had to have some teeth out he’s never really been to the vets much. I have always healed my dogs myself.

Yesterday, after taking a steroid tablet he collapsed.

He is in the garden wrapped in blankets, the birds are singing. He’s not in pain – he’d tell me, but he is limp.

He is the closest long term living friend in my world. I adore him in a way I am unable to put in to words, sorry. It won’t be easy – so I won’t be online for a while.

I have to get used to a different way of doing things.

We are all doing a lot for the vulnerable at UKRescueConnect and it is difficult for all of us to find time to share all this on the internet. But we will get there.

Please be assured our goals will never change. We want to give and to love.

Thank you for your patience.

I would like to close by saying people who work with animals need to get along for the right reasons. To be sincere, kind and helpful toward one another. There is no room for malice and ego when the vulnerable need us to behave like adults and help them.

Thank you to everyone on Social Media for sharing good work and important news, keep it up. You are all leaving your blue-prints. Whatever you think of me – please send my dog your love. He is a pure soul.

(Foley died this evening in my arms at 11.11 pm.) Go over rainbow bridge my darling and heal the broken souls of those doggies who suffered more.)


Tiffany. X


13 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to my friend #Foley

  1. I am so sorry I know how I have felt each time I have had to let one of my furry friends go. I was suicidal in 2013 when I had to let two go just months apart whilst I was having chemo. Coincidentally they both had cancer too. My carer made me rescue Thor and he literally saved my life. If you need to talk or rant or just have a shoulder to cry on you know where I am, send me a dm or email.

    1. Dear Sheena. I have felt very low during times in my past. It is brave for anyone to share their deepest thoughts. Through sharing we become stronger. Being real is a godsend. Being true to your goals. Let us hope you get your freedom soon with your wheelchair. We will keep trying. If you are on Facebook follow Kris and Romana. There are links to their accounts on our UKRescueConnect FB page. Have a chat they are stunning women as are you. Thank you for being an awesome volunteer. I adore good people who come from heart. I adore you.

  2. Stay strong our wonderful friend . Our love and thoughts are with you at this very very sad time. As always we are here for you. Foley now runs free in a place that he feels well placed and watches down on you to push your forward in all you do to help animals on the planet that were never as fortunate as him xx

      1. I believe dogs go to a place where it is endless mild summer, the fields are never ending, the streams are near at hand, dishes of food turn up when they want one and there are lots of other friendly dogs.

    1. Hello Sweetheart. Thank you very much. He is a darling. I’ve had a miraculous week …. A doggy was born in the same hour he died I found out, the other side of the Holy Well. X

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