Angel Poop- An Auction and Roxy

Tiffany Belle Harper

Can’t sleep, it’s 2.10 am on Friday morning! I was supposed to drive back to Leeds today but think I will wait til weekend as I need a day to myself. I’ve been so busy this week. 

Firstly, went to an auction with my son. He’s found some land he likes. Well … a forest. It’s heavenly. However, on arrival we were told the ‘lot’ is no longer available for the foreseeable future. My son had already ordered coffee so we stayed in the bar of the venue to have a drink. I noticed an interesting couple, felt compelled to speak with them. They were well dressed – had an air about them. Yet, approachable. They told me they were bidding on a house. I asked to see the particulars. It was a run down farm with outbuildings and various land plots around it in various shapes.

I knew they’d…

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