Revive – #Kirkstall – #Leeds new re-use shop for SLATE and St Vincent de Paul also #Seacroft.

Tiffany Belle Harper

Went on adventure yesterday then discovered Revive in North-West Leeds. It’s a new shop on The Kirkstall Road next to McDonalds and in front of Aldi (a couple of miles from the centre) that takes bric-a-brac and good quality clothes and furniture. It had a bit of everything from Star Wars memorabilia to vinyls and trainers. I loved it in there. I resisted to buy anything as I have enough but I shall certainly volunteer when I’m free.

They don’t yet have much of a social media presence so I thought I’d write a little blog. A very friendly dedicated team. I even helped make a sale of two bed side table cabinets. I spoke with the deputy manager Jonathon who is very excited about the new venue. It’s a sister site to the success of their first re-use shop in Seacroft where Richard Burgon is the local Labour MP…

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