Karlyn Adams – Holistic Therapist #Lutterworth #Leicestershire #Review A Magical Experience!

I admit – I love being pampered. It’s recommended for inner balance and well-being to have regular holistic treatments, regardless of beliefs or practice. I visited Karlyn Adams an Holistic Therapist Lutterworth to discover more about Angel Therapy.

This works with colour, essential oils – hands on channelling and/or massage. You do not have to be knowledgeable on these matters to enjoy the benefits. Simply feel the need to unwind and let go of every day woes. Maybe you have a demanding job or a difficult family life. Or perhaps you’re lonely and want to get in touch with your core self values and creativity? Maybe you just like feeling pampered!

Karlyn has a cosy, articulate and restful space where she carries out her therapeutic sessions. There’s candles, angel crafts and gorgeous Boho accessories decorating her room with the most beautiful Angelic prints on the walls. Incense burning, new age calming music playing lightly in the background – just so very atmospheric. The room’s well heated and there’s a very comfy consultation couch! Karlyn has a grounding, earthly, non-intrusive presence about her. She’s a natural at making clients feel relaxed.

On arrival, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire that can correspond with any existing medical ailments. Please always know a good holistic therapist will not denounce medical intervention. We are here to enhance your wellbeing to aid prevention of illnesses bought about my stress and imbalance. Many GP surgeries and some hospitals incorporate holistic alternatives into their practices. Indeed, I know of people who’ve left the medical profession to pursue a career in alternative medicine and holistic work. One does need the other. Prevention and cure go hand in hand. Eastern Cultures go by this organically whereas the West are very regimented in judgemental views, but this is changing … small steps.

My first visit for Angel Therapy Leicestershire I was asked to choose 3 essential oils from a lovely big old box for which there were lots of bottles full of essences. I went with my instincts – choosing the 3 I was most drawn to. (Each essence has an Angel linked to it with a purpose.) Karlyn Adams trained in Wells – Somerset which is my favourite UK town. It has the most amazing Cathedral.

We don’t have to understand any of this. Yet, I was intrigued so, Karlyn took great length to explain each Angel, the colour and resolve. I was not surprised to learn that they were indeed the questions I had inwardly hoped for. I wanted to get deeper within my soul purpose and rejuvenate my strong sense of spirituality. It makes me feel complete as often I can become fragmented. Particularly if I’ve been spending time on the internet as it takes me away from my core values and I detest ego. It distorts my perception and makes me feel unwell. Furthermore, I am still missing my dog that died in my arms age 21 who I spent all my time with. I felt a little broken. I took my shamanic rattle along and Karlyn also used this during the treatment.

I went into a meditative state, very peaceful. I was not fully aware of what took place due to my relaxed state. After the treatment, I felt exceptionally well and peaceful. The following couple of days I felt very thirsty and a little sensitive as I was going through a ‘letting go’ process. Colours became more vivid. I avoided the internet and became intensely passionate about writing. I felt totally rejuvenated. Karlyn gave me a bottle of the remaining essence to take home made with the 3 I selected – I’ve been rubbing it onto my palms before writing my book! It smells divine.

IMG_0361I have had many more insights than normal and a new dog is coming to my life that was very unexpected but this is another story …

Karlyn Adams offers affordable, holistic therapy services from her studio based in Lutterworth – Leicestershire, to incorporate Angel Therapy, Reflexology, Hopi Ear Candles and Aromatherapy Massage. She is fully certified and insured. We are currently offering the first treatment you receive for half price using the code XY17 – valid until October 22nd 2017. At the moment Karlyn prefers to avoid Social Media but can be contacted via her website or you can contact me here.

Please visit Holistic Therapist Karlyn Adams‘ website by clicking the image of us below. I send love, peace and inner calm to all with thanks to Karlyn and her family. If you would like me to visit your place of work or venue to write about you next – get in touch and let’s see what happens!


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