Smudging Wand #Lavender American #Cedar from Hamburg #Holistic #Cleansing #Review

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I usually use White Sage Wands for smudging but fancied something different. Two of my favourite scents. Lavender combined with American Cedar. It’s in a lovely rustic package with a handwritten card. Smudging is ideal for refreshing and cleansing space. Clearing negativity and revitalising energy. You burn it and…

The Great Compassion Mantra (Da Bei Zhou) & Kuan Yin Mantra (Quan Yin) – Lyrics, Meaning, and Benefits plus #Video #GuestBlog

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The Great Compassion Mantra (also known as Da Bei Zhou) is a long mantra of Mahayana Buddhist origin which has long been adapted to many Taoist schools. Remember to join in! Chant – Chant – Chant for wonderful manifestations. From your heart! The Universe hears all of us who…

Where Mother Nature resides in all life – we must bow before her #Photography #Insights

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A manifestation of all that slept to Earth’s core with blissful growing and contemplation – before revealing the decadence of colour, substance and variety above ground for Spring. Where Mother Nature embodies all that is pure and of the divine in her heavenly soil. There is…

St Basils Walk Preventing Young #Homelessness in #Birmingham takes places June 17th South #Cotswolds

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It’s turned out to be a heart-warming day. An annual walk takes place – preventing young homelessness in Birmingham on June 17th in the glorious location of South Cotswolds where participants may take advantage of lovely villages and rural life whilst raising funds for the vulnerable. I will be…

Archie’s Bar – Granary Wharf #Leeds #Yorkshire #Review

Archie’s Bar – Granary Wharf Leeds. An interesting space with a Swiss chalet type feel due to the predominantly ‘distressed’ raw wood interior and quirky wall prints – not to mention state of art’ mesh splashes and an up cycled, tiled ceiling effect (wow…) Retro coffee hut that I just loved …. (want one.) Friendly … More Archie’s Bar – Granary Wharf #Leeds #Yorkshire #Review

The Midnight Bell Pub – Holbeck – #Leeds #Review #Yorkshire

Visited a cracking pub in the Holbeck region on the edge of Leeds City Centre. A vibrant collective of old brewery buildings and urban space running alongside Leeds Dock. Unassuming frontage, yet behind there’s a whole little hub of activity – to include a courtyard area with plenty of seating. The food was exceptional. Absolutely … More The Midnight Bell Pub – Holbeck – #Leeds #Review #Yorkshire